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Tree Lopping Sunshine Coast

Tree Trimming and Pruning

With over 10 years experience in all aspects of tree felling, removal, shaping and trimming, we can provide a solution to your problem tree.

Tree Lopping Sunshine Coast

There are many instances where a tree or vegetation has grown too large for the space.

It may be blocking solar panels, restricting access on access ways or encroaching your neighbours fence line. Rather than a complete removal, a solution may be found by lopping, trimming or pruning the tree.

Pruning/removing offending branches, reducing the height of the tree or trimming/pruning overgrown branches, can maintain privacy and be a more cost-effective solution.

Tree lopping, pruning, or trimming can help with:

  • Tree branches that rub against each other
  • TreeĀ branches that interfere with service wires, solar panels, gutters and roofs
  • Providing clearance for pedestrian and vehicle access
  • Branches that can be dangerous as they are dead, diseased or have been improperly pruned previously
  • Improving the health of the tree by eliminating diseased branches
  • Improving the shape of the tree and its resistance to wind damage
  • Training the growth of young trees
  • Thinning and shaping the tree to increase light
  • Improving the shape of the tree

We are happy to provide a free, no-obligation assessment of a tree which is causing you concern. Matthew is a qualified Arborist and you can be guaranteed that any advice is provided to Australian Standards. We’re always more than happy to discuss options for trimming or pruning the tree. In the case of a neighbourly dispute we can provide some basic advice, but you will also find more information on our Local Council Info page.

Our Sunshine Coast based tree loppingĀ team provides tree lopping, pruning and trimming options for all situations.

  • Lopping of dangerous or overhanging tree branches
  • Lopping, trimming or pruning of boundary line trees
  • Reducing height of large trees

For a free, no obligation quotation, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Matthew: 0421 820 128

Request a call back: info@topcuttrees.com

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