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Tree Removal Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast climate makes for some great growing conditions. However that tree that looked so great 5 years ago, can now be too big for the backyard!

Maybe the removal of some trees will help your solar become that little bit more efficient. Or taking away that overgrown Camphor Laurel will stop so many leaves in the gutters.
With storm season around the corner, it may be a good preventative measure to remove any tree that’s a little bit too close to the house or shed. This is where we can help.

Tree Removal is recommended when:

  • The tree is dead, dying or is diseased and cannot be cured
  • The tree is considered hazardous to property and/or the public
  • Pruning the tree will not provide a solution
  • The tree is crowding and causing harm to other trees;
  • The tree is not suitable for the area in which it is growing
  • The tree roots are causing damage to property, pipes or underground services
  • The tree is preventing development/construction

If a tree is causing a dispute between yourself and your neighbour, please follow the link below. It outlines the Queensland legislation regarding the responsibilities of being a ‘tree keeper’. It also provides guidance as to circumstances in which you may have reason to remove or trim a tree in the event of a dispute.

Guidance on Queensland Tree Laws

In 2017 the laws surrounding tree removal in the Noosa Council area were also updated. To check to see if this affects you, please follow the link below:

Noosa Council Vegetation Laws

Our Sunshine Coast tree removal team provides tree removal for all situations:

  • 24/7 service for tree removal in emergency situations
  • Insurance work undertaken
  • Fallen tree removal
tree removal sunshine coast

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    Tree removal Sunshine Coast

    Tree Removal

    With over 10 years experience in all aspects of tree felling, removal, shaping and trimming, we can provide a solution to your problem tree.